Virginia Tech

Assignments: (55%)    
Assignment 1
7% Given on September 9. Due on September 21.
Assignment 2
9% Given on September 21. Due on October 5.
Assignment 3
11% Given on October 5. Due on October 19.
Assignment 4
13% Given on October 19. Due on November 2.
Assignment 5
15% Given on November 2. Due on November 16.
  Hands-on Cloud Software Development Tutorials 15% You are required to (a) build each tutorial app by following the step-by-step instructions, (b) deploy it to run on your Amazon AWS EC2 server, (c) carefully study the tutorial app code, and (d) make sure that you learn from the tutorial.
Midterm Exam
10% Midterm Examination Open Books and Notes.

Consists of developing a cloud app during the exam period based on a given design specification.

  • Midterm Exam is published and starts at 11:00 a.m. on October 13, Wednesday.
  • It continues 48 hours and is due before 11:00 a.m. on October 15, Friday.

Carefully follow the submission instructions given. Late submissions are not allowed.

Team Project:    
Team Project
20% A team of 5 students develops a cloud software application to provide a solution to a complex problem. The team proposes the problem to solve and selects its members. The proposed problem must be approved by the instructor.
        B+ 87-89   C+ 77-79   D+ 67-69   F ≤ 59
  A 94-100   B 84-86   C 74-76   D 64-66      
  A– 90-93   B– 80-83   C– 70-73   D– 60-63