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Instructions for Submitting Accepted Papers

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Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright Form: Please print this form, sign it, and send it together with your submission to the Editor-in-Chief.

LaTeX Users: Please download the following two files by clicking on their names and use them for preparing the final version of your paper.

The original and two copies (a total of three copies) of the final version of the manuscript must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief; printed on one side of paper only; with 1 inch left margin, 1 inch right margin, 0.75 inch top margin, and 0.75 inch bottom margin; double line spacing (4 lines per inch) must be used for editing purposes.

Why is the paper copy required? The paper copy submitted is considered as the correct copy since the manuscript prints differently under different operating systems, fonts, and printers.

Electronic Submission Guide must be carefully followed and an electronic (machine-readable) version of the manuscript must also be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief.

Why is the electronic version required? The electronic version is used in typesetting the manuscript.

The manuscript should begin with a cover page (unnumbered), on which the following must be provided:

Every manuscript must have:

Author name(s) must be specified fully, i.e., James M. Smith or J. Michael Smith. Specifying author names such as J.M. Smith is unacceptable.

Sections must be numbered and the following font styles must be used:

1. Level one section heading
1.2. Level two section heading
1.2.3. Level three section heading Level four section heading

Figure and Table captions must be in the following style:

Figure 1. Title of the figure followed by a period.
Table 1. Title of the table followed by a period.

PLEASE NOTE: Manuscripts that do not fully conform to the journal's format for references and citations will be rejected.

References must be unnumbered and must be listed in alphabetical order with respect to first author's last name, if same with respect to second author's last name, ..., if same with respect to publication year.

Journal and conference proceedings titles should not be abbreviated, although acronyms such as ACM and IEEE are acceptable. State names should be given using their appropriate postal abbreviation.

World Wide Web URL:
Every URL must have an author or owner, year, and a title of what it represents such as:
W3C (2000), "The World Wide Web Consortium,"

Parnas, D.L., J. van Schouwen and P.K. Shu (1990), "Evaluation of Safety-Critical Software," Communications of the ACM 33, 6, 636-651.

Sommerville, I. (1992), Software Engineering, Fourth Edition, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA.

Edited Book:
Quirk, W.J., Ed. (1985), Verification and Validation of Real-Time Software, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

In a Book:
Teitelman, W. and L. Masinter (1981), "The Interlisp Programming Environment," In Tutorial: Software Development Environments, A.I. Wasserman, Ed., IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, pp. 73-81.

In a Conference Proceedings:
Franke, D.W. and M.K. Purvis (1991), "Hardware/Software Codesign: A Perspective," In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Software Engineering, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, pp. 344-352.

Technical Report:
Arthur, J.D., R.E. Nance and O. Balci (1992), "Establishing Software Development Process Control: Technical Objectives, Operational Requirements, and the Foundational Framework," Technical Report TR-92-40, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Derrick, E.J. (1992), "A Visual Simulation Support Environment Based on a Multifaceted Conceptual Framework," PhD Dissertation, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Moral, I.U. (1997), "Publication of Bibliographies on the World Wide Web," MS Thesis, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Citations of references must be specified within square brackets using the following format:

References should be cited in the order of importance.

[Pfleeger 1992; Troster and Tian 1995; Kemerer 1990]
{Separate multiple references by semicolons. Please do not put a comma between author name(s) and the year.}

[Balci 1987, 1990, 1993; Arthur and Nance 1990, 1993, 1996]
{Use a comma between multiple references by the same author(s).}

[Arthur et al. 1992]
{Use et al. for more than two authors.}

[Arthur 1991b; Balci 1997a; Nance and Balci 1990a, b, c]
{Use lower case letters to separate publications in the same year belonging to the same author(s).}

Citations by using the author name(s) directly:

... can be found in Sommerville's [1992] book ...
Arthur et al. [1992] enunciated that ...



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