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Volume Year Editor(s) Topic
14 2002 Y. Wang and A. Bryant Process-Based Software Engineering
13 2002 M. E. Fayad, M. F. Fontoura, and W. Pree Object-Oriented Web-Based Software Engineering
12 2001 J. J. P. Tsai Multimedia Software Engineering
11 2001 C. K. Chang Software Management
10 2000 D. Patel and Y. Wang Comparative Studies of Engineering Approaches for Software Engineering
9 2000 C. Cifuentes and P. Bailes Software Maintenance
8 1999 A. L. Goel Software Reliability, Testing, and Maturity
7 1999 J. J. P. Tsai Real-Time Software Engineering
6 1998 N. S. Coulter and N. E. Gibbs Software Engineering Education
5 1998 W. Frakes Systematic Software Reuse
4 1997 R. Hamlet Software Testing and Quality Assurance
3 1997 N. R. Mead Software Requirements Engineering
2 1996 J. D. McGregor Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Foundations and Techniques
1 1995 J. D. Arthur and S. M. Henry Software Process and Product Measurement