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Special Volume on

Process-Based Software Engineering

The Annals of Software Engineering journal seeks articles for a special volume on "Process-Based Software Engineering" to appear in 2002.

A recent trend in software engineering (SE) is to shift from a focus on laboratory-oriented SE to a more industry-oriented view of SE processes. This complements preceding ideas about SE with management and process-orientation.

From the domain coverage point of view, many of the existing SE approaches have mainly concentrated on pure technical aspects of SE. New important areas of SE, the organization and management infrastructures, have been left untouched. As software systems increase in scales, issues of complexity and professional practices become involved. Software development is no longer solely an academic or laboratory activity; instead it has become a key industrialized process.

For this expanded domain of SE, the existing methodologies that cover individual sub-domains are becoming inadequate. Therefore an overarching approach is sought for a suitable theoretical and practical infrastructure to accommodate all the modern SE practices and requirements. An interesting approach, which is capable of accommodating all the domain of SE, is that centered on models of the SE process.

The theme of this special volume of Annals of Software Engineering is "empirical and innovative SE process systems." Original papers are solicited that explore the interdisciplinary nature of this area, with particular emphasis on innovative processes and empirical practices in engineering large-scale software systems.

Topics of Interest

Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:

Domain of SE

  • Foundations of SE
  • SE methodologies
  • SE infrastructures
  • SE organization
  • SE project management

Innovative Processes of SE

  • New SE processes and practices
  • Incorporation of new technologies into
    SE processes
  • Integration of existing SE process systems
  • Internet-based processes in SE
  • Reuse processes in SE
  • Component-based processes in SE
  • Visualization processes of SE
  • Formal-method-based processes of SE
  • Domain knowledge representation in SE processes

Empirical Process Systems of SE

  • SE process models
  • SE process standards
  • Best practices in SE processes
  • Enterprise SE process structures
  • Interrelationship of existing process models
  • Experience with SE processes


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